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Friday, September 27, 2013

One More Prime Card + A Bunch of Limited Football

Lastly, at least as far as this group of Prime purchases go, I have just one more card from the 2012-13 set: a Cal Clutterbuck Prime Signatures card, numbered 86/99. I know that he is no longer with the Wild, but man, he has a great looking signature.

In addition to that card, I also picked up a few football cards from 2012 Limited. The first two are redemptions for autographed Phenoms patch cards of Bernard Pierce and TJ Graham. I actually pulled a Pierce from a pack of Limited earlier this year, but after getting impatient, I requested a replacement. I would still like the card, but I get so picky about my redemptions, that unless it's something epic, I like to clear it out every now and then. Pierce has been returning cards to Panini every month or two, so I'm sure this one will get filled at some point.

This autographed Matt Flynn card, numbered 35/75,  makes me realize just how god-awful those Seahawks jerseys are. Yuck.

Cyrus Gray, numbered 172/249. It was a buck. That's about it.

Lastly, I also picked up this Limited Threads jersey card of Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte, numbered 62/99. It's very similar to the Ray Rice patch /15 that I pulled from the same pack of Limited that I got the original Pierce redemption from, only it's the non-patch version.

All of these cards are up for trade, except for the Clutterbuck, and the redemptions which I don't have in hand yet. Even if these don't strike you, at least check out my trade bait and see what we can do.

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