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Friday, September 20, 2013

Reacquiring a card: 2012-13 Certified Jaden Schwartz Autographed Memorabilia

A few months back, when 2012-13 Panini Certified was released, I picked up a couple of boxes and was lucky enough to pull an autographed jersey card of Jaden Schwartz numbered to 499. Next to New York's Chris Kreider, Schwartz was considered one of the top rookies in the limited 2012-13 rookie class, and his cards were in high demand. Being the enterprising collector that I am, I decided immediately to flip the card on Ebay and got a cool $20 bucks for it. 

A few months went by, and after going through some of my posts, I kind of actually missed the card. I'm not a blues fan, nor am I a Jaden Schwartz fan in particular, but something kept drawing me back to it. The card does look cool.  The jumbo swatch sits behind a die-cut "rookie" and the foil is done just the right way to make the card stand out, without going too far over the edge.

It might also be that with the "Dual Rookie Class" upon us, the steam has simply cooled off on Schwartz, but either way, I was fortunate enough to pick up this copy of the card, numbered 241/499 for just 10 bucks, half the price of what I sold my original one for.

A lot of the attention that Schwartz garnered from collectors had to do with his limited 2011-12 hockey season. The 2010 14th-overall draft pick played in just seven regular season games, but scored two goals and one assist, which is pretty impressive for a newcomer. During the 2012-13 season, Schwartz was on the pro roster full time, scoring seven goals and six assists in 45 games.He didn't have quite the same pace, but he still found a way to contribute. Only time will tell whether the hype coming into this past collecting year was warranted. Either way, this is a great-looking card that I am happy to re-introduce to my collection.

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