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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Five Prime Autographs

Here's a few more singles purchases of 2012-13 Panini Prime, all of which are autographed.

This is one that isn't a rookie, a Prime Signatures card of Winnipeg Jets captain Andrew Ladd, numbered 38/99. While I tend to go after the Pittsburgh Penguins primarily, and Minnesota Wild secondly, the Winnipeg Jets are actually just as much of a "home team," if you go by proximity, as both are about a four-hour drive away from me. The only difference is that one is in the same state as I am, while the other is in a whole different country.

While this is more of an insert than a true rookie card, this Philippe Cornet autographed jumbo jersey card numbered 49/50, looks just as cool. Like the quad jersey cards, they were really smart with the item placement, as none of the three elements seem to be overshadowed by any of the others.

This Chay Genoway card (8/249) goes not only to my Minnesota Wild Collection, but my UND Alumni Collection, as well.  It also reminds me that Panini still hasn't sent out their Prime Ties cards, despite having them in-house to do an August 29 blog post on the Knight's Lance.

Really, I got this Mark Stone autographed quad jersey card, numbered 27/249, mostly to trade to Sportscards from the Dollar Store the next time he gets together some of my set needs. Most of my Senators end up in his hands at some point.

Lastly, I got a Colby Robakautographed quad jersey card numbered 97/249. He's a Panthers rookie not named Jonathan Huberdeau or Nick Bjugstad, so we'll see what happens with this kid.

That's it for this group. Five autographs. Five great looking cards. And they were all purchased for a total of $15 shipped. Not bad at all.

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