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Sunday, September 29, 2013

2012 Panini Limited Arian Foster Limited Threads Patch /13

One of the most deceptively rare inserts out of 2012 Panini Limited is Limited Threads. I use the term "deceptively," because They look just like any other memorabilia card, with a player's photo right next to a swatch of fabric. These cards, though, have a severely limited print run once you get into the patch variations, with cards numbered as high as /49, and as low as /1. I bought one box of Limited earlier this year, and pulled a Ray Rice /15 from this very set, and was thrilled when the opportunity came up to get my hands on an Arian Foster /13 to add to it.

The patch on this card appears to come from the numbering on the shoulders. It features a white base fabric, with a red number and blue bordering the number. The back of this card has a short write-up on Foster, showing how reliable he is on a game-to-game basis when it comes to putting points on the board. It also has the serial number of 13/13 right above the Texans' logo, just to make sure you don't miss seeing just how rare this card is.

Here we have a card of one of the stars of my favorite team, and a guy who I like as an individual player, as well. We have a low serial number, a three-colored patch, and a card that just looks great to begin with. The best part is, though, just how great of a deal I got on this. I'm not sure if I lucked out, or if people just aren't looking at Foster for their collecting needs, but this fantastic card was mine for just $5.05+$1.99 shipping. Seriously, just 8 bucks for this card. Though to beat a deal like that.

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