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Monday, September 23, 2013

A Group of 2012-13 Panini Prime Cards from Ebay

In what is going to turn out to be a common theme this week, I picked up a few cards off of Ebay from 2012-13 Panini Prime! I wouldn't exactly say that I went overboard individually, as most of these are cards of lesser players and unproven rookies, but I did get quite a few of them.

The Dominion autographed rookie patches are still a bit pricey right now, but most of the Prime rookies are very affordable, which is what I found myself going after. This six-card lot only set me back $19 shipped, and four of these cards were only $1.

-Dalton Prout/Shawn Hunwick Quad Prime Jersey 41/50
I'm not sure what will end up happening with these guys, but I don't really care, since this is an AWESOME looking card. It features two pieces of prime jersey swatches, and all four are different, which is pretty cool. Also notice how Hunwick must have gotten the call so quickly that he must not have had any time to get his Michigan Wolverines mask changed.

-Matt Watkins/Matt Donovan Quad Jersey 126/200
Okay, really, I only got this card because it spells out my first name. If I can find one with all four pieces of jersey being a dark color that's easy to see, I'd like to use it as my profile pic, but so far, every one I've found has at least one piece of white fabric.

-Cody Goloubef Quad Jersey Rookie 71/249 & Jeremy Welsh Quad Jersey Rookie 241/249
I pulled Panini Limited Phenoms autographed patch cards of both of these guys earlier this year, and both were redemptions. I have since gotten the Goloubef redeemed, but the Welsh is still "pending." At least he found time to sign his Prime cards.

-Mark Stone Jumbo Jersey 32/99 & Dalton Prout Jumbo Jersey 71/99
While the quad jersey autos are the "official" rookie cards from this set, there are also inserts of those same players, featuring a jumbo jersey swatch. Both of these are colorful, and look fantastic, but if you can get your hands on a patch variation, those are pretty incredible. 

I'm really loving Prime this year, as you will see.  Like Rookie Anthology, I didn't do too much of it last year, but Panini really pulled out all the stops to make those products so much better than their predecessors, and my dollars have spoken. I went from buying zero boxes of those two products in 2011-12, to buying four boxes of Rookie Anthology and two of Prime in 2012-13. So, yeah, I'm liking what I'm seeing with a lot of this stuff.

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