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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Package From BA Benny. Trade + Group Break

I recently completed a trade with Mike at BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet. He knocked a huge dent out of my wantlist for 2011 Topps and sent a few other great cards as well. The big 2 in the trade were a Greg Maddux autographed card and a Kerry Wood jersey from 1999 Upper Deck. The Maddux was purchased from a local dealer who he trusts with its authenticity and the jersey card prominently features a pinstripe which aligns perfectly with the angle of the cut.

I also received the goods from the gigantic group break he hosted a month ago. There were numerous unopened boxes, a ton of unopened packs and plenty of surprises. I would say I made out pretty well.

There were plenty of cards from Topps 206 from 2009 and 2010. While I didn't get any hits from what was opened, I got a good portion of the Cubs sets from those years. Which I wasn't a huge fan of 2010 having all of the players hatless, I loved finding cards of older players like Frank chance and Mordecai Brown.

There were also a few other packs opened, like Goudey, National Chicle and Topps Heritage. While I enjoy most cards from any of these sets, the best one easily is the Ernie Banks "Heads Up" SP from Goudey. Just and AWESOME card.

Mike also busted a couple boxes of Upper Deck Signature Stars from 2009. What was interesting here is that I got exactly 2 cards each of the same four people. I just thought that was weird.

The next four cards are three chrome-style cards, along with my only "hit" of the break. The Cashner is from 2010 Bowman Platinum and is numbered 642/999, The Trachsel is from 1998 Topps Finest and is a variation that features a chrome-style back, and the Soriano is an insert from 2010 Topps Chrome numbered 161/499. The Hagerty jersey is from 2002 Upper Deck Prospect Premiers, and features a jersey "worn by Luke Hagerty in an official Upper Deck photo shoot." Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

There were TONS of other Cubs cards that came my way, but I'm simply too lazy (and too tired) to post them all. Just know that this was an incredibly fun break and hopefully Mike will put another one together soon.

So long and happy trading!!!

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