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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Robinson/Stanton Auction Update

Just to keep you all posted, if any of you care. The auction for my Frank Robinson/Mike Stanton auto/relic from Topps Heritage ended not too long ago. Luckily, I get to keep the card, since it didn't hit my reserve price. Much to my surprise, the card only went up to about $150, with no end-of-auction activity whatsoever. Maybe I overestimated the value of either Robinson, or Stanton, or both, but I was hoping for a little bit more than that. The plan now is to watch a few other auctions of similar items to get a better approximation of its potential value and see what other strategies might work better for me. Either way, I'm so glad for the reserve price option that ebay has, because I would not have wanted to sell the card for what it went for. I'll most likely give it at least one more shot, but worst case scenario, it doesn't sell again, and I'm stuck with a BEAUTIFUL card in my collection of a hall-of-famer and one of baseball's biggest up-and-comers.


  1. You may want to time the auction next time to end early evening in the middle of the week. Anything ended later in the day on the weekend seems to be missed by those people who like to bid on things at the last minute.

  2. I think timing may have been a BIG factor in it. When I auction it again, I'm definitely going to keep that in mind.