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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Heritage and Some Gypsy Queen With a Contest Plug for The Daily Dimwit

I recently picked up some more Gypsy Queen packs along with another pack of 2011 Heritage. While an extensive Gypsy Queen collection is one of my goals, I am not in any way trying to put a set of Heritage together. Still, I can't seem to keep my hands off of the stuff. It is simply just a fun pack of cards to open. And this particular pack was a winner. While my recent run of retail hit luck didn't strike it on that particular day, I found a spectacular pack of cards, including a Babe Ruth card and a rookie card of 2011's hottest rookie, Freddie Freeman. It's my second Freeman from Heritage this year, so I'm willing to trade it if anyone's interested.

Gypsy Queen also treated me well. No hits, but let's face it, it would have probably been one of the millions of Andrew Cashner or David DeJesus autos anyway, but I did fin a Thurman Munson bronze-bordered card numbered 372/999. Sam at The Daily Dimwit is running a contest for the bronze-framed cards. Anyone who sends one in gets an entry, with prizes including a jersey/auto from your favorite team, an autographed letterman patch of Rangers prospect Justin Smoak, and a grand prize of a Brooks Robinson bat relic from 2011 Topps numbered 60/60. So, needless to say, this card is most likely headed his way.

I also got a few really cool inserts to add to my collection. These are my duplicates and are up for trade to anyone who is interested.

And, of course, the minis. The Brandon Phllips, obviously, was my only black border and the Andruw Jones and Al Kaline are GQ red-backed. I don't really go after the minis, so if anyone is interested in some, let me know.


  1. Matt, if you can add the Andruw Jones red back, Davis Wall Climbers, Reyes Sticky Fingers, and Foxx Great Ones to my stack, I'd be greatly appreciative!