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Saturday, May 21, 2011

2 Retail Blasters = 2 Awesome Cubs Cards + Another Hit!

I tried to continue my retail luck a few days ago and picked up a blaster each of Gypsy Queen and Heritage. As always, I got quite a few cool cards from the set, but the big prize for me was a card that I thought I'd have an incredibly difficult time getting my hands on: a bronze-bordered Ryne Sandberg (455/999).

I also pulled my third hit from Gypsy Queen, a jersey relic of Alex Rodriguez. So for a total of 2/3 the price of a hobby box, I've gotten my hands on the three hits, the other being a David DeJesus auto and a Neftali Feliz auto. Mike from Ba Benny's Baseball Card Buffet is in negotiations for the card, but I'm an A-Rod fan, so I may decide to keep it.

Also, if anyone has any of these bronze-borered cards that they don't mind parting with, Sam from the Daily Dimwit is running a contest for some awesome hits. To enter, send him a bronze-bordered card from his needs list and you'll be in the running for, among other things, a Brooks Robinson relic card from Topps.

Heritage didn't give me any autos or relics, but that's ok. Heritage has been VERY good to me this year. I was, however, ecstatic when I opened up the first pack and found a chrome parallel of Starlin Castro staring at me. I know he's only had one year under his belt so far, but this guy has a bright future.

The SPs were a let-down. I got 2, which is a good amount for a blaster, but they were two that I already have: Tim Lincecum (429) and Jason Castro (492). When I only have 13 out of 75, I don't want to see any duplicates. Still, if anyone is trying to put a full set together, these two are both up for trade. I'm looking to swap them for other SPs that I don't already have.

Well, despite a let down on the Heritage SPs, it's looking as if my 2011 retail magic is continuing. I was very happy with what I found in both of these boxes.


  1. Lincecum looks baked in that Heritage shot.

  2. Well, I also pulled that A-Rod from a rack pack, so between you and BA, whoever ends up without can come see about getting ahold of mine.

    Also, that Starlin Castro card is even more unflattering in chrome. What the heck, topps?!