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Monday, May 2, 2011

Gypsy Queen - Retail

Picked up some Gypsy Queen retail the other day. Seeing pictures of these cards didn't do much for me, but having them in hand has gotten me really excited. It reminds me of the Upper Deck Masterpieces cards I love so much and has a good mix off current players and legends.

There are also a number of full-sized inserts, such as Future Stars (I pulled 2 Stradburgs), Great Ones, Gypsy Queens, Home Run Heroes, Sticky Fingers and Wall Climbers. The inserts take the basic format of the set and incorporates different colors and background patters, like a spiderweb for Wall Climbers and honeycomb for Sticky Fingers. I don't care much for the fictitious Gypsy Queens, but it's a full-sized insert, so I'm sure I'll be going for it.

And it just wouldn't be a Topps throwback set without MINIS!!! The Garcia and Andrus minis on the bottom are Gypsy Queen backs.

Among the rest, I picked up 2 rack packs, containing 3 retail packs each, along with 3 aqua-bordered cards. I also found a bronze-bordered Rogers Hornsby, but the bottom was damaged, so I might have to contact Topps for a replacement.

Well, another Topps set out. Another one I'll be trying to collect.

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  1. I'll probably be able to help you with your want lists after I get all of my dupes updated.