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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Retail Magic from Various 2011 Topps Products

A few days ago, I managed to find some Gypsy Queen at my local Target and picked me up a blaster box. I got the typical base cards, a Babe Ruth SP and a few inserts, along with an autographed card of 2010 AL ROY Neftali Feliz.

Now I will NEVER complain about finding autographed cards, jersey cards, or any card rarities. Since my LCS mostly sells singles and has few unopened packs, I am stuck busting wax almost exclusively from my neighborhood Target and Wal-Mart stores.

This year, I've noticed that my luck has been incredibly good when it comes to Topps. In 2010, my only retail hit was a Peak Performance jersey card of Brooklyn Dodgers hall-of-famer Roy Campanella.

In 2011, I found that Feliz auto in a blaster and a David DeJesus Gypsy Queen auto in a rack pack. From Topps Series 1, I pulled a Torii Hunter relic from a Series 1/Heritage value box, and from Heritage, I pulled a David Wright jersey card out of a blaster, and an incredible Frank Robinson/Mike Stanton dual auto/relic from a value box.

Has anyone else noticed a higher concentration of retail hits or have I just been INCREDIBLY fortunate? Again, I'm NOT complaining at all, but I've never been lucky in this hobby and was wondering if anyone else has had a recent run of luck.


  1. Great pulls! I've had good success with some retail this year too. Not quite as good as you but its been pretty good. I think that they should insert some good stuff and send it the retail way. I'm sure they sell more cards via retail and if they want to keep people coming back they need to be able to get some good stuff sometimes.

  2. I have purchased 4 or 5 value packs and have very little to show for them from Heritage (3 SPs and 2 chromes or something like that)and even less from the Topps, so either you have very good luck or I have very bad luck.