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Friday, April 29, 2011

Group Break from Cardboard Collections

I recently participated in a group break put on by Colbey at Cardboard Collections. Jumping at the chance to grab the Cubs, I was VERY happy with what came up:

The first box Colbey busted was 1996 Topps Laser. The set is composed 100% off die-cut cards, which have a really cool look to them. Truthfully, I'm surprised that this concept didn't catch on. The cards look fantastic, and since the Twins went unclaimed in the draft, I was able to claim a Paul Molitor in addition to my 2 Sandbergs, 2 Graces, 2 Sosas and 1 McRae.

Next on the agenda was 1994 Leaf. I've always like the Leaf offerings that came about after they quit emulating the Donruss designs and I was still able to get myself a Sandberg (along with, like, 5 cards of Rick Wilkins) which was great.

The final box was 1996 Leaf Limited. I got 5 different card from 3 different player, including 2 Sandbergs and a Sammy Sosa gold parallel.

I also got a few other cards for player collections I'm working on.

I was lucky enough to get eh big hit of the break, a 1996 Leaf Limited Lumberjacks insert of Sammy Sosa. The card is actually printed on a piecde of wood and numbered 621/5000. I know nowadays with the 1/1s and low-numbered cards, it may not seem like a big deal, but in 1996, this was quite the pull.

Check out Colbey's blog here and join in his next break. Thanks for the cards, Colbey.

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  1. I grabbed a Frank Thomas Lumberjacks card after pulling that Sosa card since it is so freakin' awesome! Glad you were happy w/ your haul. I've got another break coming up that you may like as well.