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Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Heritage

Alright. The two-week-old is napping, the two-year-old is napping and the 30-year old is napping. with a quiet apartment, I can now rapid-fire these posts out, before the baby wakes up and I then have to bring her in to the wife and wake her up, with the ensuing crying from the two-week-old waking up the two-year-old. At least I have my Topps Heritage to keep my sanity.

I picked up three rack packs and a blaster box earlier today and was VERY happy with what I got. No hits, a few chrome, but I got 4 SPs, and a ton of cards that I don't already have, which is saying something, with my bad set-building luck from Topps.

The rack packs gave me a rookie cup card of my favorite current Cub (apart from my boy, Kerry Wood), as well as my third (or fourth, I've lost track) rookie card of Freddie Freeman. The Rookie Parade cards is the SP, plus I got two Baseball Flashbacks inserts that I needed, with a chrome card of Mauer and Morneau.

The blaster gave me three SPs (Bautista AS, Kennedy, and Andrus), which is cool, since I usually only pull two from a blaster. The Alexei Ramirez is a regular chrome and the Corey Hart is a refractor. I may have pulled my second Killebrew in one day, but if I have to pull a dupe, I'm OK with it being "Killer."

I still have more Heritage to go. Please keep those cards coming so that I can quit spending all my money on this set!

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