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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Facebook Trade #4

My fourth Facebook-instigated trade was a simple one. I swapped a Mats Sundin Crystal insert card with Pascal M. In exchange for this card to add to my Pittsburgh Penguins Collection.

This is an Evgeni Malkin gold parallel from 2013-14 Dominion, numbered 17/50. This year, Panini slashed the price of Dominion in half, and there are a couple of ways they were able to do this. For one, the memorabilia swatches are smaller, allowing them to produce more card from the same jersey, and two, the serial-numbering is larger (like gold parallels numbered to 50, instead of their previous 25), which takes a little bit away from the rarity. Either way, I got a great card with a great trade, and I'm a happy Penguins collector.

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