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Friday, April 18, 2014

Facebook Trade #3

Here's another trade made through my Hockey Cards" Facebook group. In order to get the following cards, I had to depart with 12 Montreal Canadiens hits, which seems like a lot, but most were lower-level rookies, with a few Carey Price jerseys mixed in. Either way, they were cards that had been collecting dust in my trade bait folder, so I was happy to get rid of them, and I got three pretty amazing cards in return.

2010-11 SP Authentic Jonathan Toews Sign of the Times auto
Not only is Toews recognized as one of the best captains in the NHL, but the card also fits comfortably in my UND Alumni Collection. He has, so far, led the Blackhawks to two Stanley Cups, and may very well have more on the horizon.

2011-12 Heroes & Prospects Jonathan Huberdeau Autograph
I'm not too much of a Panthers fan, but any time you get an opportunity to acquire an autograph of the reigning Calder Trophy winner, you go ahead and do that.

11-12 H&P Henri Richard
Like Huberdeau, I'm not particularly a fan of his team (Montreal Canadiens), but if you have the chance to acquire an autograph of a player who has won the Stanley Cup ELEVEN times, you go ahead and do that.

That's it for this trade. It's always nice when you can get rid of a pile of cards that are useless to you, in exchange for some pretty amazing items.

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