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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Beau Bennett Lot for a Buck

Here's a really cool lot of cards I got for a REALLY cool price. These are three cards of Pittsburgh Penguins forward Beau Bennett. The really great thing about these three cards, is that they just cost me a dollar. Not a dollar each. All three combined were just a buck plus shipping. 

2013-14 Crown Royale Heirs to the Throne Prime Die Cut 36/50

2013-14 Crown Royale Heirs to the Throne Jersey

13-14 SP Game Used Edition Jersey

I guess what that price came to was horrible marketing from the seller. The listing was, specifically, "13/14 BEAU BENNETT HEIRS TO THE THRONE JERSEY/DIECUT/SP GU PITTSBURGH PENGUINS," which despite the full used of maximum characters, told you nothing, or at the very least, was way too difficult to understand. He also used the plain jersey from Crown Royale as the display image instead of the die-cut prime jersey, so it didn't draw anyone in visually, either. I'm not complaining, though. I'll GLADLY take these cards for the price I paid.