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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hockey Group Break Sign-Ups


Hey everybody. It's been a couple of months since I did my last group break, and I'm really wanting to do another. After taking some input from a few of you, I have decided on the products I wanted to include on this one.

Here are the three boxes I will be busting this time around:

2010-11 Luxury Suite
This is the product I did the last time around (here is the link) and I was very happy with the results. Each box contains a total of 12 cards, with EIGHT of them being hits, and the rest being serial-numbered rookie cards. Some of the big hits include autographed patch rookie cards of Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Tyler Seguin, Jeff Skinner, and P.K. Subban, among others.

2011-12 Rookie Anthology
This product contains a guaranteed five hits. Of those, one will be a Rookie Treasures card, which features an autograph and two pieces of memorabilia. The other hits will include one additional autograph and two memorabilia cards. The fifth hit actually comes from a bonus pack. This product ties in a lot of their more popular content from previous releases, so some of the hits are autographed Ice Breakers rookies (Pinnacle) and autographed Rookie Silhouettes (Crown Royale). The box contains 10 packs of 5 cards, so we'll be getting a few base cars from here as well.

2011-12 In the Game Enforcers
This is a one-pack product from In the Game that features SEVEN hits. The product focuses on the game's toughest players from throughout its history. Each box/pack contains five autographed cards, two memorabilia cards, and five base cards. Some of the memorabilia cards could be Instigator cards, Head-To-Head Combatants cards, or Tough Franchise quadruple memorabilia cards.

That makes it a grand total of TWENTY hits to come from these three boxes.

I hope some of that interests you.

Here are some of the stipulations:

-There will be 15 slots for this break. Each slot will cost $16, and will include the team you pick, as well as a second randomized team. Any additional slots will cost just $13.
-For the un-picked teams, I will disperse them this way. First, I will list the remaining teams alphabetically by city. Then, I will use to randomize the names of the participants and use that order to assign the teams down the list. For example, after randomization, the person's name who comes up first would get Anaheim, second gets Boston, etc. as long as those teams were not picked originally.
-Now, all three of these products focus primarily on the hits, so there will be very few base cards to pad the envelopes. However, to make up for that, I will guarantee a hit for EVERY slot that is purchased. If a participant does not get an autographed or memorabilia card from any of these three boxes, I will throw one in from my own collection, so that everybody will be going away with something.
-Enforcers is an unlicensed product, so with each card, it will go to the team whose jersey is being worn by the player in the photograph on the front of the card. I believe in the case of the memorabilia cards, ITG does identify on the back of the card which team the jersey was taken from, so of course, it would go to that team. If for whatever reason, the picture on the front doesn't match the team identified by the jersey swatch on the back, it will go to the team that the swatch itself comes from.
-Any card with a player from a team that has since moved, will go to wherever that team moved to. For example, Quebec Nordiques will go to the Colorado Avalanche, Atlanta Flames will go to the Calgary Flames, K.C. Scouts will go to the New Jersey Devils, etc. In the case of the Winnipeg Jets, any cards of the original Jets will go to the Phoenix Coyotes, since that is where the franchise moved to, and any cards of the Atlanta Thrashers and the current Jets will go to the Winnipeg Jets slot.
-Any cards featuring players from multiple teams will be randomed off using Any hits will be done on video immediately after the box is opened, by listing the applicable teams and randomizing the list 3 times.
-I hope that all made sense.

Make your payment of $16 to I need payments immediately, as the sale prices of these boxes are limited to a certain quantity, so I need to order them quick.

Claim your team by responding to this post, and let me know if you have any questions.


Teams Claimed
1. Pittsburgh Penguins - Matt Pederson (PAID)
2. Los Angeles Kings - Arno (PAID)
3. Boston Bruins - buckstorecards (PAID)
4. Philadelphia Flyers - Brad's Blog (PAID)
5. Edmonton Oilers - Roy-Z (PAID)
6. Minnesota Wild - Roy-Z (PAID)
7. Chicago Blackhawks - Nick B. (PAID)
8. New Jersey Devils - Dave H (PAID)
9. Toronto Maple Leafs - CoffeeJunkee (PAID)
10. St. Louis Blues - CoffeeJunkee (PAID)
11. Tampa Bay Lightning - Justin G. (PAID)



  1. I'm probably going to regret switching off my favourite team to my second fave, but I'll take the Bruins.

  2. Flyers please, payment coming shortly

  3. I will take the Edmonton Oilers. And probably a second team (Minnesota Wild) if you need to fill a spot. Or maybe just because I want it.

    1. I sent payment for two slots, but if someone wants the second one I will give it up to get as many people in as we can. Thanks a bunch.

  4. I'll take the Oilers since I already have all the Hawks from these sets. Will pay shortly.


  5. Since the Oil are gone, I will go Devils...

  6. I would love to get in on this, but I'm a little cash-strapped at the moment. It looks like a very nice break though.

  7. I'm taking 2 teams... St. Louis Blues and Toronto Maple Leafs.

    Payment sent.