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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brian Strait Dominion Printing Plate

I just picked up a rather unique deviation for my 2011-12 Dominion Rookie Patch Auto collection. Partially because it's part of the set that I am trying to build, but mostly because he's a Penguin, I grabbed up a magenta printing plate of Brian Strait.

Despite my expansive collection of Pittsburgh Penguins cards, this is actually my first 1/1. It may not be a huge milestone, considering how many printing plates there are out there, but it is a noteworthy one, still. Anyway, the red plate can sometimes be a little weird, but in this case, it still shows a good amount of detail. One cool thing about these plates, is that along with the regular version featuring a patch, this one does too, which is a cool extra touch. My only complaint is, if they can do that with a patch to match the regular version, couldn't they have also thrown a sticker auto on the front to match it that way as well? 

The other cool feature of these plates is that instead of just throwing a sticker with a basic description on the back, they put the regular card back. The only difference from the original is that it still has the rounded edges that most printing plates do, plus it has the all-important 1/1 designation in the upper right-hand corner.

Un unexpected surprise, however, came in the casing of the card. The seller was kind enough to put it in a hard-plastic magnetic snap-down case. That's where it would be going anyway, but it saves me from having to use one of mine.

It may have been a little bit of a deviation away from the specific set I am working on, but it was too cool of an item to pass up.

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