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Group Break entries are now closed, the boxes have been ordered and secondary teams have been randomized. Follow THIS LINK for final team assignments.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Group Break Update - Randomized Secondary Teams

Okay everybody, I have now officially closed the entries to my group break. Thanks to three more teams being claimed in the last few days, I am only needing to cover four slots myself, which is nice. Anyway, here's the final list of which teams have been claimed and who has claimed them:

1. Pittsburgh Penguins - Matt Pederson
2. Los Angeles Kings - Arno
3. Boston Bruins - buckstorecards
4. Philadelphia Flyers - Brad's Blog
5. Edmonton Oilers - Roy-Z
6. Minnesota Wild - Roy-Z
7. Chicago Blackhawks - Nick B.
8. New Jersey Devils - Dave H
9. Toronto Maple Leafs - CoffeeJunkee
10. St. Louis Blues - CoffeeJunkee
11. Tampa Bay Lightning - Justin G.
12. New York Rangers - Matt Pederson
13. Detroit Red Wings - Matt Pederson
14. Colorado Avalanche - Matt Pederson
15. Washington Capitals - Matt Pederson

The 15 remaining teams will be placed in the randomizer, randomized 3X, and then assigned to those 15 slots in that order.

Randomized once:

Three Times:

And here is the final list of assigned teams:

1. Matt Pederson - Pittsburgh Penguins & San Jose Sharks
2. Arno - Los Angeles Kings & Carolina Hurricanes
3. buckstorecards - Boston Bruins & Winnipeg Jets
4. Brad's Blog - Philadelphia Flyers & Montreal Canadiens
5. Roy-Z - Edmonton Oilers & Vancouver Canucks
6. Roy-Z - Minnesota Wild & Nashville Predators
7. Nick B. - Chicago Blackhawks & Anaheim Ducks
8. Dave H - New Jersey Devils & New York Islanders
9. CoffeeJunkee - Toronto Maple Leafs & Ottawa Senators
10. CoffeeJunkee - St. Louis Blues & Florida Panthers
11. Justin G. - Tampa Bay Lightning & Phoenix Coyotes
12. Matt Pederson - New York Rangers & Dallas Stars
13. Matt Pederson - Detroit Red Wings & Columbus Blue Jackets
14. Matt Pederson - Colorado Avalanche & Calgary Flames
15. Matt Pederson - Montreal Canadiens & Buffalo Sabres

Those are the final lists. However, if you don't like your secondary team, and have another one you have your eye on, you are more than welcome to trade your team for another, if the other person agrees to it. Just be sure that all team trading is done on this post.

The boxes shipped out on Wednesday and are expected to get here on the 29th. (I guess UPS is taking a few days off for the Thanksgiving holiday as well as Saturday/Sunday, as their "Four Business Days" comes out to eight actual days.) Once they get here, I am going to close off trading, so be sure to swap your teams, just in case they arrive early.

Thanks for participating, everybody!


  1. I think I would be willing to part with Columbus since I had them the last break too....Anyone interested?

    1. I would trade either the Sharks, Islanders, or Stars for the Blue Jackets.

    2. How about the Islanders for the Blue Jackets?

  2. I was randomized Nashville 3 times. Must be a sign.