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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Secret Santa Gifts (Incl. Billy Williams 1/1!!!)

I guess before the 2013 calendar year is over, I should probably show off some cardboard-related Secret Santa gifts. The gift exchange I participated in was hosted by Crackin Wax, and my Secret Santa sent me some great Cubs cards.

The first one is a 1/1 Billy Williams card from 2008 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts. These Memorable Moments parallels are all numbered 1/1, and are inserted at a rate of two per case. Multiple cards of each player are issued, but what makes them 1/1s is the "Memorable Moment" featured on just this card. The moment on this particular card is from June 29th, 1969, when Williams broke Stan Musial's National League record of 895 consecutive games played.

My other two card were of David DeJesus. Both are from 2004 Bowman Sterling and feature an autograph, as well as a jersey swatch. One is the base insert, and the other is the refractor parallel, numbered 125/199. DeJesus played from most of two seasons with the Cubs before being dealt to the Washinton Nationals this past August. Four days after that trade, the Nationals traded him to the Tampa Bay Rays, where he appears to be staying, as he just signed a two-year contract.

I always liek these kind of exchanges, just because of the excitement of not knowing exactly what you are about to open when you get that manilla envelope in the mail.

Anyway, here's to a great 2013, with hopes that 2014 is even better.

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  1. Nice Matt! I also joined and got my package this morning - looking to bust into it when I get home! Looks like 'topher got you, huh? ;)

    Happy New Year's.