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Sunday, December 22, 2013

James Neal 2012-13 Dominion Peerless Patches

Third out of three from the group of Peerless Patches cards I purchased last month, is the one I came in for in the first place. This one is of James Neal, and is numbered 22/40.

The card features a sweet-looking patch from the team's previous third jersey. It most likely comes from the "N" on the bottom of the jersey crest. I know I've written about Neal before on many different occassions, and specifically, how awesome he is statistically. Here's a new perspective, though. Neal was the third round pick of my fantasy hockey team, Moves Like Jagr, but despite being a third-round pick, my season seems to be living or dying based on whether or not Neal plays. During the first part of the year, with him out injured, I didn't win one single week. Then he came back, and I started finally lighting up the scoreboard. Now, while he was out for a week and a half with a suspension, it's back to the basement again. Hopefully with him back in the lineup, I can finally get myself a few more wins.


  1. Gorgeous. Dominion is so amazing. Hoping to nab the Bobby Ryan Peerless one day.

  2. Like Greg said, gorgeous patch. Love when you can identify exactly where the patch is from. Nice!

    Also, I sent you another email. Could you get back to me on it? Thanks :)