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Monday, December 2, 2013

Post #666: Scott Ian Topps Archives Heavy Metal Auto

Despite being a religious person myself, I couldn't help but notice the irony that my acquisition of an autograph of Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian came right as I was about to hit 666 blog posts. Besides, if your posting total is reaching the mark of the beast, you have to go metal, right?

Anyway, despite all that cheesiness, I am a big fan of thrash metal, and Anthrax is one of the marquee names in the genre. Topps included Ian in their insert set of Heavy Metal autographs inserted in their 2013 Archives Baseball product. Unlike the Archives base set, though, I don't these are done in tribute to any specific previously released product, but they fit the theme, in that they focus on "heavy metal" from the 1980's, which means, with a few exceptions, a lot of glam metal.

Anthrax, though, is one of the exceptions, and here's a look at the card:

As far as I'm concerned, with this 10-card checklist, Ian's is on the top of my list. Rounding out the rest, we have a few that I'll be staying away from, like Kip Winger, Reb Beach, Bobbie Brown, and Stephen Pearcy. There's also some I'm kind of indifferent on, like Tommy Lee and Dee Snider, as well as some I'll definitely be going for, like Lita Ford and Sebastian Bach. There's also redemptions for an Axl Rose autograph, but come on, does anyone really think that he's actually going to be signing these?

Anyway, here's a look at my favorite song off of Anthrax's latest album, Worship Music, called "The Devil You Know."


  1. Nice card. Scott sure looks older than I remember him. Twisted Sister and Ratt were heavy metal? Bobbie Brown, the r&b/rapper? How is that heavy metal? Then the light dawned on me. Cherry Pie. You are absolutely correct. If Axl Rose no shows concerts, do you really think he'll take the time to sit down and sign cards. Probably not.