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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Re-Acquiring a Card: Starling Marte 2011 Bowman Sterling Autographed Rookie

Well, I seem to be on a bit of a baseball kick, as my last two posts were hardball-related, so here's a third. A while back, I picked up a single pack of 2011 Bowman Sterling, mostly because the cost-per-hit ratio was pretty cheap, and I was a bit curious about the product to begin with. One of the cards I pulled was an autographed rookie card of Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Starling Marte.

I'm not much of a prospecter, especially outside of hockey, but an Ebay search showed that this card was seeing some decent action, so I figured I'd put my copy up for bid. I did this, because I know nothing about baseball prospects, and the chances of any on of these players making it big was slim.

The only problem is, this one made it big.

 After 47 Major League games in 2012, Marte spent the entire 2013 season in the Big Leagues, batting .280, with 143 hits, 12 home runs, and 35 RBIs, on the way to helping Pittsburgh achieve their first winning record in 21 years.

With Marte's career on the rise, I figured I may have been a little hasty in getting rid of this card. Luckily, I was able to find one at a good price, and now, once again, have it in my possession.

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