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Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Panini Limited Football Box Break

One of my favorite multi-brand products every year has been Panini's Limited. Whether hockey, football, or basketball, Panini has done a great job of providing some unique collectibles and great looking cards, and apart from 2011's baseball release, every one of them has been a hit for me. So, naturally, with the release of 2013 football, I had to keep the streak going, and pick up a box.

Returning to Limited are Phenoms, Material Phenoms, and Jumbo Jersey cards. New to the set this year, are Game Day Materials, which feature a jersey piece worn on a specific day, Matching numbers, which feature memorabilia from two players with the same jersey number, and Field Vision, which is a non-jersey/auto insert printed on clear plastic, featuring players who wear helmet visors.

Each box contains one seven-card pack, which will give you four base, parallels, or inserts and three autographs or memorabilia cards. So, without further ado, here's a look at what my particular box gave me:

Base cards: Robert Griffin III 215/399, Julio Jones 10/399, Josh Boyce Phenoms 1/299, Art Monk Legends 132/349
Usually, you can expect to find at least one insert or parallel, in each box, but all four of mine were base cards. At least I got a serial-numbered RG3, as I don't really have a whole lot of cards of his as of yet.

Giovani Bernard Jumbo Jersey 162/199
This may look like two jersey pieces, but it is actually one, separated in the middle by Panini's "Rookie Card" logo. A second-round 2013 draft pick, Bernard has found his fair share of playing time with Cincinnati, rushing for 529 yards and four touchdowns in 12 games.

Robert Alford Monikers 165/299
While the "Monikers" name is usually used in Limited for veteran autographs, they appear to have expanded into rookies this year. Alford is a rookie cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons and so far, has picked up 20 tackles, seven pass deflections, and two interceptions in the first 12 games of the season.

Montee Ball Material Phenoms Redemption /299
The Material Phenoms cards are the official rookie cards of the top 2013 rookies, and they pack quite a punch. Each one is numbered /299 or less and come with a sticker autograph and a jumbo-sized patch swatch. I'd love to show you what these look like, but unfortunately, mine is a redemption. It is, however, a pretty good one, once I get it in the mail. Like Bernerd, Ball is a second-round drafted running back, and has played in all 12 games of the regular season so far. He has accumulated 379 yards and three touchdowns.

Despite the lack of veteran player hits out of this box, I was still pretty happy with what I found.
Besides, if I know myself like I think I do, I'll have plenty more chances to strike it big with Limited as I am sure to make a few more purchases before the season is over.

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