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Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Billy Williams For Billy Williams Twitter Trade

I actually completed my first "Twitter Trade" thanks to Sam at The Daily Dimwit serving as a middle man. It was right in the middle of The Dimwit's case break of 2013 Gypsy Queen, and @NateSpringfield inquired about whether or not he had pulled a Billy Williams autograph, and whether or not it had gone to a Cubs PC guy. Sam had, out of the first box in fact, but informed Nate that unfortunately it went to a HUGE Cubs collector (me) and that he could make an offer, but a trade would be unlikely.

Now, my philosophy when it comes to my collection is that EVERYTHING is up for trade, as long as the price is right. Meaning, I'll trade anything out of my PC, but it has to be for something that I think serves my collection better. 

Sam was right, though. I really didn't want to trade the Gypsy Queen auto, even though it was a redemption, but hey, I'll entertain an offer.

Usually with something like this, you'll expect an offer of another player from a different team, but still someone with value, or something like I don't have one really good card to trade of equal value, but here's a few cards that are pretty cool, which together will amount to something. This time, though, it was simple. He offered me another Billy Williams auto in a simple one-for-one trade.

The one he was offering was a 2012 Topps Tier One White, numbered 4/25. Now, mine was a redemption for what will be a GREAT looking card, but isn't numbered. The one I would be receiving, on the other hand, is from a much higher-end product, is numbered to just 25 copies, and is signed in white ink on a black background.

So, yeah, I took the deal.

Still, I did want that Gypsy Queen card, whenever Williams decides to sign them and send them in to Topps, so I did what any irrational collector would do. I jumped right on Ebay and purchased one. 

Seriously, those GQ autos are GREAT looking cards.

I still have to play the waiting game on this one, but at least I have one Billy Williams auto to enjoys in the meantime.

1 comment:

  1. I've been beaten out a couple of times on eBay for one of Williams' redemption card. Now I'm certain is was by you. Ha!