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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cashing In My Ebay Bucks for a Few Penguins

Well, I had about 11 bucks worth of Ebay Bucks, so I decided to cash them in for a few cards for my Pittsburgh Penguins collection. 

-2013 Goodwin Champions Sidney Crosby
This card appears to be his senior picture from high school. Either that, or it's from draft night in 2005 when the Penguins selected him first overall. I'm usually buying a couple of boxes of Goodwin Champions each year, but so far this year, I haven't gotten my hands on any. Still, if I'm going to get one card, this is the one for me to get.

-1994-95 Flair Mario Lemieux
I remember Flair being one of the very first premium sets in the hobby. They were produced on thick cardboard, featured photos one every bit of the card surface, foil printing on both the front and back, and the cards came in cardboard boxes, not in foil packs. I got this card for a buck shipped, which is far cheaper than I would have gotten it for back when this issue came out.

-2012/13 Limited Evgeni Malkin Emerald 2/5
Last, but certainly not least is this super-rare card of Evgeni Malkin from this year's limited set. This particular one is the emerald parallel, numbered to JUST FIVE COPIES!!! It's a great looking card, even though the green clashes pretty fierce with the black and gold, but my favorite thing about it is that I got is for just $4.51 + shipping!!! That's insane!!!

There it is. Three cool cards of three hockey players that I really like. Not bad for essentially being free.

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