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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013-14 Trilogy Beau Bennett Rookie Premieres Level 1 Auto /699

With 2013-14 products in circulation, I finally have the chance to get some Penguins rookie hits. With most products, the guaranteed hits are heavy with the league's youngest stars, but there were no Pittsburgh rookies in 2012-13 products, making it difficult to pull hits from my favorite team. Luckily for me, I now have something to look forward to with the new season, and Beau Bennett is the Penguin making the splash in 2013-14 early releases, like this Trilogy Rookie Premieres Level 1 autographed card.

This particular one is numbered 23/699 and is Bennett's first appearance in an Upper Deck product. With the Penguins being deep in defensive prospects, Bennett shows that the future is still bright on the front end of the ice as well. The highest-drafted California native in NHL history (20th overall in 2010), Bennett played in 26 games of the abbreviated 2012-13 NHL season, scoring 3 goals and 11 assists, and had one goal in 6 playoff games, as well.


  1. Perhaps you need one of these?

    1. I definitely need that one. Is it up for trade?

  2. I just put it up on eBay today: