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Friday, July 26, 2013

Upper Deck Redemption Replacement Requested: It's a Bit of a Risk, But Let's See How It Goes

Two months ago, I opened up a mini box of 2012-13 Fleer Retro Hockey, and was pretty excited to pull this card:

If you can't read the faded type on the card, this is a redemption for a base parallel autograph of Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick. I was happy to see this card, even as a redemption, because I'm a fan of Quick's, and it would be a welcome addition to the collection. However, two months later, I came to realize that there are plenty of other Quick autos out there at a reasonable price, so I decided to try out Upper Deck's replacement process.

I put my request in this morning, giving them recommendations of the Pittsburgh Penguins cards, specifically Sidney Crosby, Mario Lemieux, and Evgeni Malkin, as well as Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks. It may be a bit of a stretch for some of them, but seeing what Quick's autos fetch on the secondary market, my request isn't that unreasonable. I also told them that if they can't replace it with a hockey card, I'd rather keep the redemption open and wait on it.

I've had a great experience with Panini's redemption department, but this is my first redemption experience of any kind with Upper Deck, so I'm curious to see how it works out.


  1. I'm not sure what their redemption department is like these days... but a few years ago, it was pretty bad. They gave me far below market value for an Aaron Rodgers autograph they owed me. And almost didn't send me anything for my Montana redemption. But after a little pressure on social media, they ended up taking care of me and then some.

  2. Yikes. Before doing anything, I did a little bit of reasearch, meaning, I searched "Upper Deck Redemption Replacement" on Google, just to see what other people thought. Most of the recent posts were pretty successful, but you never know. I'd just rather take it off the books, and buy a Quick auto off of Ebay and get it in my hands. I'm sure there are plenty of Penguins cards that Upper Deck can send me.

  3. I put in my first redemption requests ever the other day for Panini and Topps. From what I have read they are the easy ones to deal with. Keep us updated on how your experience goes with Upper Deck.

  4. I am very curious to see how this goes too! I have a redemption of a Dino Ciccerelli auto #/5 that I am worried might not get filled and I may have to go this route.