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Friday, July 19, 2013

Looks like I'll be heading to Minneapolis April 5

Well, the NHL schedule was released, along with the divisions and their names. While people pretend to be outraged over the newly-named "Metropolitan Division," what I was looking forward to was the release of the Minnesota Wild's 2013-14 schedule.

Last year, when I moved up to Fargo, ND (and now just over the Red River in Moorhead, MN), one thing I was looking forward to was being able to catch an NHL game in Minneapolis. Granted, it would take almost a four-hour drive to get to the Twin Cities, but my cousin lives there, and he's just as big a Penguins fan as I am, so it was certain to be a fun time. Unfortunately, because of the lockout, that didn't happen.

This time, though, we are guaranteed a full season, and I knew that each team would make at least one appearance, so I was ready to find out when the Pens would be coming to town. It's pretty late in the season, but on April 5, 2014, it's going down!


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  1. We just got the Iowa Wild, CHL affiliate here in Des Moines. If you need anything from the minors, let me know.