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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2012 Crown Royale Football Pack Break

During one random trip to the LCS with some money to burn, I decided to take my chances with a pack of 2012 Crown Royale Football. I picked up a box of this a month or so ago, and although the player selection can be a bit iffy, I love the look of these cards and decided to take my chances on a single pack.

My four base cards were pretty decent. Ray Lewis just retired after winning to Super Bowl and is destined for the Hall of Fame, so you can't go wrong there, and as a Texans fan, I was thrilled that my rookie of the pack was a silver parallel of Davin Meggett, numbered 75/149.

My insert of the pack was a Pivotal Players card of DeSean Jackson. Between this pack and my box, the player selection of the inserts I have pulled has left a lot to be desired, but man, do these cards look cool!

Lastly, my hit. My box gave me two rookie autos, one jersey card, and one Rookie Silhouette card, but my pack gave me something I hadn't seen yet: a Rookie Royalty die-cut jersey card of Joe Adams, numbered 15/149. I don't care much for the team and I don't know much about the player, but it doesn't really matter too much, because this is such a fantastic looking card.

Well, there you have it. Nothing too groundbreaking, but I suppose it could have been worse. I'm keeping the Meggett, but if anything else interests anybody, please let me know.

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