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Thursday, April 4, 2013

2012-13 Panini Limited 2-Box Video Break w/Scans

Okay, after waiting and waiting, the moment (for me, at least) is finally here. For anyone who has been reading my blog for any length of time, you know how much of a fan I am of Panini Limited. In fact, I am such a fan, that I even strayed over to 2012-13 Limited basketball to get my fix before the 2012-13 hockey release came out.


Limited hockey came out about a month ago, but each time I stopped into my LCS to pick up a box or two, they were emptied out. Now, they usually keep a pretty good stock in their store, so I wasn't worried about them not getting any in. I just had bad timing. Finally, last Friday, I stopped in, and once again, they were out. However, the owner told me that not only would they be getting more in, but the shipment should be there within the hour. So, I waited, and my patience finally paid off.

I came away with two boxes of the stuff, and here's a video (w/scans to follow) of what I pulled out.

...and, the scans:

Pack 1
Ryan Whitney Emerald 2/5, T.J. Oshie 287/299, Phil Kessel Trophy Winners (Masterton) 69/199, New Jersey Devils Rookie Redemption /499
I loved that if I was going to pull one of the SUPER RARE emerald parallel, it was at least of a former Penguin. I also got a UND alumnus in Oshie, as well as one of the greatest looking inserts in any hockey product with the Kessel award winners, and it'll be interesting to see what comes of the New Jersey Devils rookie redemption. I haven't scratched it off yet, just in case any Devils fan wants to trade for it. 

Marian Hossa Limited Travels Prime (Thrashers/Blackhawks) 18/49, Teemu Selanne Limited Travels (Jets/Ducks) 108/199, Chay Genoway Phenoms 68/499
I absolutely love all three of these cards. Even though Hossa Iginla'ed the Penguins back in 2008 to play for the Red Wings (we sure showed him), the card just looks phenomenal, and shows one thing I absolutely love about Panini. Even though there isn't a whole lot of space for the two swatches, they made a conscious effort of place the jersey pieces in just the right way to give both colors equal time. I've also written previously about my love for Selanne, and the fact that they were able to include a piece of one of his old Winnipeg Jets jerseys is super cool. As a North Dakota resident, with the Wild being my closest "home team," any time I can pull an autograph from someone who plays in the "State of Hockey," I call that a win.

Pack 2:
Jarome Iginla Limited Captains 172/199, Back to the Future Dustin Brown/Bernie Nicholls 62/199, Erik Karlsson 51/299, Louis Leblanc 290/299
My base cards weren't as successful as a unit on this pack, but I did pull a Limited Captains card of the newest Penguin, Jarome Iginla. Actually, come to think of it, three players from this Limited Captains subset (Iginla, Sidney Crosby, and Brenden Morrow) now play for Pittsburgh.

Craig Anderson Monikers Silver 46/49, Jordan Nolan Phenoms 127/499, Anze Kopitar Jersey 94/99

Maybe it's just me, and I suspect that it isn't, but I just love the Monikers/Phenoms cards. In an era chock full of sticker autos (some are even in this set), the fact that they actually gave the players a literal canvas to sign right next to an embroidered team logo, is certainly something special. Also, the fact that I got an alternate-logo silver parallel of one of the league's hottest goaltenders is pretty cool as well. And let's not forget the Kopitar, which features a swatch from one of the Kings' classic purple and gold  sweaters.

Well, after waiting, and waiting, and waiting to get my hands on some Limited Hockey, I must say, this product does not disappoint. I've always said that in any product, I want to feel as though the company tried to make an effort for a top-notch product, and Limited shows what a manufacturer can do when they really put some time and care into what they ship out.