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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cheapo Geno Jersey Card from 2010-11 Dominion

I know that most of my Dominion purchases come from the 2011-12 release, but when the right deal comes along, I'll go to the 2010-11 set, as is the case with this great-looking All Decade jersey card, numbered 31/99.

This card cost me a whole $4.69 with free shipping! I couldn't believe it myself when the auction ended, but with a high-end product, that's an INSANE deal for a jersey card of the league's reigning MVP. One of my favorite things about this card, too, is that the swatch matches the sweater worn by Malkin in the photo, which just adds this extra level of coolness to it.

Let's hope I can find some other crazy deals, just like this!


  1. I like that Panini really sets the jerseys deep in the card. Makes it feel, dare I say, elusive.

  2. I've got 3 of this set. I don't know why they're so cheap either the Ovechkin cost me about $8