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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012-13 Panini Limited Basketball Pack Break

For those who have read my blog for a while, one thing I have not been shy about is my love for Panini Limited. I first picked up the 2011-12 Hockey release back in June, bought a bunch more hockey, and even gave their Limited baseball and football releases a try. The only one I hadn't gotten into, as of yet, was basketball.

That is, until now.

I picked up one box of 2012-13 Limited Basketball from my LCS this past weekend, just to give a look at the product, plus I do like to keep up my very small basketball collection from time to time. Here's what I got.

Base cards: Gordon Hayward, Brandon Bass, and Rudy Gay. The one thing that I will say right off the bat that I don't like about this set, is that they apparently are no longer serial-numbering the base cards. They used to, at least in the other sports, number each card out of 299 or 399 or something like that, but they seem to have taken that feature away. Bummer.

Each box of 2012-13 Panini products contains a five-card pack of Kobe Anthology, which is a 200-card set dedicated to the Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

This card is serial-numbered, a Gold Parallel of Evan Turner, numbered 19/25. A good find, but I've never heard of him.

Now for the hits. Each box is guaranteed to contain two autographed cards and one memorabilia card. I must have been lucky, as mine contained two and two. Yay me!

D.J. Augustin Lights Out Jersey 110/199
I don't know at all who this is, but I love how despite the wide swatch may be, they were still able to keep the pinstripe perfectly centered. 

Antoine Walker Masterful Marks Autograph 13/199
Not a bad one at all. There may be bigger names on the Celtics, but as far as the autos you usually find, I could have done a whole lot worse.

Darius Morris Auto 83/399
This car dis numbered as though it is part of the set. Maybe this is the rookie card for Morric from the cet. Either way, it is a nice-looking card printed on an acetate material, and die-cut to resemble a trophy.

Blake Griffin Home & Away Dual Jersey 86/99
This is BY FAR the coolest card from the pack. At first glance, this appears to be a nice-looking card, featuring Griffin with a piece of his home jersey on the front side, and Griffin with a piece of his away jersey on the reverse side.

But wait, there's more. The cool thing with these, is that the framed jersey swatches are on a hinge, and can be flipped, just in case you want that red swatch on the front and the white on back.

Panini really seems to be trying some interesting things with this set, which always brings me back for more. I probably won't be buying much more Limited basketball, though. Not because I don't like the product, but simply because 2012-13 Limited Hockey comes out in just a few weeks!!!!!

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  1. That Griffin jersey card is super cool. I've never seen a design like that.