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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2012-13 Dominion Kris Letang Peerless Patches /40

While a lot of my singles purchasing has been towards the newest release of Panini Prime, I do love me some Dominion, which works out great, due to 2012-13 Dominion being included as a box-topper in Prime. One of my favorite single-card purchases of either product so far has been this Kris Letang Peerless Patches autographed card from Dominion, numbered 12/40.

\This card, first of all, features an on-card signature, where he appears to be signing "Kristopher" instead of the abbreviated "Kris," and he appears to be following Sidney Crosby's lead by putting his jersey number inside of the signature. The patch is barely a two-colored one, as you get just a peek of black at the bottom of the swatch. My biggest card-related nemesis is the one-colored patch, but Penguins patches make it somewhat better, as they at least have a texture to the fabric.

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