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Saturday, March 17, 2012

MORE Major Trade Bait Additions

I found another relatively cheap lot of auto/relic cards on Ebay. This one contained somewhere around 45 cards and was purchased for $36 + $6 shipping. At less than a buck per, this was quite a steal. I'm too lazy to write down descriptions of each, so instead, I'll just post pictures and let you know which ones I'm keeping.

LeBron James, Yao Ming, Shane Battier, Pau Gasol, Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard
Keeping them all except for the Gasol and the Howard

Amare Stoudamire, Ray Allen, Richard Hamilton, Vince Carter, Shawn Marion, Joe Johnson

Juan Castillo, Ricky Bottalico, James Mouton, Vaughn Eshelman, Brian Barber, Gabe White

Wilson Alvarez, Mike Maurer, Chris Roberts, Terrence Long, Carlton Loewer, Chris Stynes, David McCarty

Adrian Beltre, Justin Upton, Corey Hart
Keeping the Beltre

Josh Johnson, B.J. Upton, J.J. Putz, Carlos Lee, Jim Edmonds
Keeping the Edmonds

Shaun Alexander 1/299, David Garrard 1/35, Leon Washington /50, Brook Lopez

Reggie Bush /50, Brian Brohm 50/50, Jeff Garcia, Marc Bulger, Chad Ochocinco, Jerome Simpson
I want to keep the Bush, Brohm and Garcia, just because they're REALLY cool-looking cards, but I'd entertain any offers anyway. I'll just want something good, or equally as cool, for them.

Well there you have it. Let me know if anything is of interest to you.


  1. If you decide to trade the Battier, I'm your man.

  2. Would you accept an Oswalt gu in return?