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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BIG Ebay Mailday 3/14/12 - Castro Book and Crosby Jerseys

I had a grand total of FIVE manilla envelopes in my mailbox from Ebay purchases, one containing the coolest modern-day card I own, and another containing one of the best deals I've ever gotten off of Ebay. Here's my haul:

This is a 2011 Triple Threads book featuring autographs and jersey pieces of Starllin Castro and Elvis Andrus. What I really like about this is the different directions on Castro's pinstripes. It just lets you know that there are three pieces of memorabilia instead of just one. I don't know why that makes a big difference to me, but it does.

These two Crobsy cards are what I was referring to with one of the best deals I have EVER gotten on Ebay. The seller made the mistake of not including any pictures with his listing, so naturally, it got little to no attention from potential bidder. I, on the other hand, was willing to take that risk, and put down opening bids of $5 for each of them, and NOBODY overbid me. The Crosby Ovechkin QUAD relic sells for about $24 just by itself and the Certified Champions card goes for $15. Not a bad deal at all. The Wellman card is /299 and was, I guess, a throw in, but I won't turn down a free serial-numbered rookie.

Despite being a HUGE Josh Hamilton fan, I was first drawn to this seller for the Louganis/Spitz auto. Plain and simple, it's just a cool card. And I HAD to have it. Both that card and the Flatt/Weit dual auto (which I pretty much just got because it was a low $2.24, and NOT because I'm a fan of figure skating.......which I'm not) are serial numbered out of 50. I found the Hamilton and put in a strong effort to acquire his "rookie" autograph (we'll forget about all those 1999 releases). What 'm hoping for is to put together a Hamilton trifecta which features his rookie card with the Rays, his autograph with the Reds, and a relic card with the Rangers. I'm just a rookie card away from this, so if anyone has any 1999 Bowmans or Topps Tradeds to spare, let me know.

I used to have a rather impressive collection of 2010-2011 Luxury Suite hockey cards before my wife's medical issues and the ensuing financial difficulties before our big move up north led to me selling off a good portion of my collection. Slowly, I'm building things back up, but one thing I like about these cards is that on the second-hand market, they are CHEAP. Each one of these, with the exception of the Letang/Talbot dual relic, cost me just $.99 plus shipping.

More Luxury Suite dual relics. I'm not a fan of the Flyers, but I got the Van Riemsdyk at SUCH a goot price. Mike Fisher, a.k.a. MISTER Carrie Underwood, who now, oddly enough, plays for Nashville. The Heatley was what I was referring to in this post, when talking about a Joe Thornton relic card on its way. Whoops. Got that one wrong.

I'm planning on keeping most of these, but if anyone is interested, I'll at least listen to any trade proposal sent my way. Can't make any promises, though.


  1. Damn, that Crosby/OV is beyond a steal. Sweet card, and congrats on landing it for a phenomenal price!

    Also, that booklet is awesome!

  2. What is the Letang/Talbot Gold Luxury Suite Card Worth?