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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ebay Mailday 3/26/12 - Ryne Sandberg Retired Rings, Heritage for the PCs, and a Napoli Relic

Got a few packages in the mail today from Ebay purchases. 

The first was actually two packages of the same card. I had been trying for weeks to get my hands on a Ryne Sandberg Retired Rings card from 2012 Topps. Every time I placed a bid on one, at the last hour, I would always lose out at the last minute, or bidding would reach higher than I wished to pay. What I eventually did, was find 4 or 5 auctions and place bids that would take me to just slightly lower then the average going rate w/shipping. Well, sure enough my plan worked...... for two of them. I'll probably flip it on Ebay, that is, unless someone can make me a good enough offer.

The next group of cards is from 2012 Topps Heritage. I got a Josh Hamilton SP, as well as image swap variations for Hamilton and Starlin Castro. The Castro Chrome Refractor, I probably could have gotten sooner or later via trade, but I have no patience. The only non-Heritage card was the Hamilton card from Topps Gold Rush, which is a pretty cool-looking card. Now I just need to pick up the Starlin Castro from that set.

Lastly, I decided to pick up a cool relic card of Rangers World Series hero Mike Napoli. The one I got was a dual-relic card from 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom, serial-numbered 78/224. In addition to the game-used memorabilia, the card also features a piece of a ticket stub, which is a cool feature. The Gypsy Queen card of Prince Fielder was an add-on for discounted shipping, and is up for trade.

That's all for now.

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  1. What would be REALLY cool is if you could go to a game and actually be able to sit in THAT seat. Make sure that when you do you bring the card with you so you can show off to the rest of the section.