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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trade with Democratic Roadkill: Relics, Framed Masterpieces, and Set Builders

My trade package came in the mail yesterday from Duane at Democratic Roadkill. I was pleasantly surprised to see a white box (300-count variety) and opened it up to see it FILLED with cards. I didn't expect to get near as many cards as I did, but I was very happy with what I found.

Three Allen & Ginter relic cards were included in the deal: a 2009 Joe Mauer jersey, a 2010 Carlos Lee bat and a 2010 Matt Kemp jersey. I've always been a big fan of the look of the Allen & Ginter relics and this is my first Mauer hit.

I've always had a difficult time pulling framed cards from Upper Deck Masterpieces, but apparently, Duane doesn't have that problem. He included five red-bordered Masterpieces and a blue-bordered Soriano, numbered 22/50.

Duane also threw in a whole lot of overproduction-era Cubs cards, as well as plenty from the past couple of years.

The bulk of the box contained various Allen & Ginter cards to help complete my 2009 and 2008 sets. After putting together the 2010 set, I decided to go for them all and this is a BIG step in the right direction for me. What I did not expect, though, was to find 26 cards from the tough-to-find 2006 set. While they have been forced to adapt the original concept the past couple of years to give Allen & Ginter a fresh look, it's really cool to see the set as it was originally intended.

I absolutely love all of these cards and I REALLY appreciate the set-building help!


  1. Duane is a very generous trader and has lots of Ginter in his trade packages.Looks like a nice trade!

  2. The box was about 2/3 full with all the want lists cards and i figured might as well pay for shipping cards instead of you got a bunch of additional cubs... I m keeping an eye out for cub relics to send your way! Glad you liked the cards and yes i have a lot of ginter...especially minis!!!