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Friday, April 8, 2011

Lopsided Diamond Card Giveaway Trade in My Favor

I had a great time with last year's Million Card Giveaway, and I was excited that they decided to continue the program this year. I am still waiting on those MCG cards, but that's what I get for waiting until the last day possible before requesting delivery.

One of my favorite features was the ability to trade cards with others. That way, it meant I wasn't stuck with my 1988 Brewers Team Leaders Card and could possibly turn it into something I would appreciate more. The same goes for this year. I have only made one trade so far, but it was a big one. This trade was initiated by someone else, but it gave me 25 cards in exchange for one. Here's the deal:

My 1973 Claude Osteen was requested.

In return, here's what I received:

1977 Roy White

1978 Blue Jays Team Card

1986 Blue Jays Team Leaders
1987 Mike Easler
1988 Leon Durham
1988 Allen Andersen
1988 Rafael Palmeiro

1988 Glenn Hoffman
1989 Bob Boone
1989 Orel Hershiser All Star

1990 John Candelaria
1990 Roberto Alomar

1991 Juan Gonzalez

1991 Dennis Eckersley

1993 Mike Gardiner
1993 Chris Sabo
1994 Lou Frazier
1996 Kevin Brown
1997 Cal Eldred
1997 Jeff Reed
2006 Richie Sexson
2007 Mark Buehrle
2007 Ryan Shealy
2007 Jorge Posada

2008 Ryan Braun (Rookie Cup Variation)

Now, I am not planning on keeping any of these, except maybe the Braun, but it gives me great ammunition for future trades. In an instant, I went from having 16 cards to 40. With last year's MCG, that's exactly what I did. I loaded up on what I could and then toward the end, when everyone is making those last-second moves, you can turn a bunch of worthless cards into something good.

So long, and happy trading!

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