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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Matt Erzar Game-Used Jersey

Usually, when I go to a sports game of any kind, I like to wear some kind of gear to represent that team. For the most part, this manifests itself in the form of a jersey. Now, our local  USHL team, The Fargo Force, sells replica jerseys in their team store, but our baseball team, The Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks of the AAPB, does not. They do, however, sell game-used jerseys in their team store, and at a very affordable price.

So, naturally, when I attended a recent game, I had to pick one up. Now knowing very little about the individual players of the team, I really wasn't picking a particular player. I knew I wanted the red version of the jersey instead of dark blue, mostly since they are still using the red, and I think the blue is an outdated design. Anyway, there were three reds available, and with no knowledge of the individuals themselves, I just had to pick which number I liked better. There was 29, 48, and 55. I ended up picking #48, simply because I think the number looks better on a baseball jersey.

The jersey belonged to Matt Erzar, who only spent one year with the team in 2010 as their pitching coach, when they went 61-39 on the way to their fifth Northern League Championship in the league's final season. The Redhawks actually wasn't his first Fargo-based team, as he played four years of college baseball with North Dakota State University.

It's a great-looking jersey, with a bright, bold red color and sewn-on patched for the logo, numbers, and nameplate. It also has more of a mesh-type of fabric, which is great during the hot summer days, which breathes a lot better than a solid material. Watching a few games so far this year made me realize that the Redhawks really do the jerseys right, as some teams will screen-print the name and number on the back, or leave the name off entirely and just print the number.

Here's a few photos of the jersey:

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