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Thursday, May 8, 2014

More Penguins Cards from an Ebay Seller

So, after purchasing the two Sidney Crosby Mammoth cards from 2013-14 Dominion, the seller e-mailed me to see if I was interested in a few other Penguins cards he had. Once I saw the list with a few scans, I went after it, so here's what I now have added to my collection.

2011-12 Limited Marc-Andre Fleury/Brent Johnson Brothers in Arms dual patch 6/10

2013-14 Dominion Beau Bennett Private Signings 37/199, Jersey 48/99

2013-14 Crown Royale Marc-Andre Fleury Coat of Arms prime jersey 39/50, Jeff Zatkoff Rookie Royalty autograph 352/499, Kris Letang Ruby Parallel 94/99.

2013-14 Playbook Sidney Crosby 112/249, Marc-Andre Fleury 168/249

2013-14 Dominion Sidney Crosby 41/299, Evgeni Malkin 23/299, Marc-Andre Fleury 93/299

2011-12 Ultimate Collection Evgeni Malkin 158/399, 2013-14 Prizm Beau Bennett

1 comment:

  1. I'll never forget Brent Johnson KO'ing Rik Dipietro. That is a sweet dual patch.