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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sidney Crosby Dominion Jersey, Plus a Jordan Staal

With all of the 2011-12 Domoinion cards that I have been buying lately, the one thing I hadn't gotten my hands on was a base Dominion Jersey cards of Sidney Crosby. That is, until now.

I already have a Dominion jersey card from the 2010-11 release, so naturally, I needed to get one from the most recent year. The card is serial numbered 36/50 and features a plain white swatch. On this particular card, like the other Dominion Crosby jersey card that I have, they basically, just took the regular base card, cut a whole, and placed a piece of fabric there, which I'm ok with. This is a great looking card and a much welcome addition to my collection,

In addition to the Dominion Crosby, I also picked me up a Jordan Staal jersey card from 2011-12 Limited. This one is numbered 95/99, and like the Crosby, this one is a case of taking the regular base card, cutting a hole, and inserting a piece of fabric, and also like the Crosby, it's too great looking of a card to have any kind of problem with that. Besides, even though Staal is no longer a Penguin, his cards are dirt cheap, and as long as he's wearing the black and gold, I'll take it.

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