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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I Got When I Cashed In My Ebay Bucks

After making a few ebay purchases over the last few months, I was left with a decent chunk of change in my Ebay Bucks account. For those unfamiliar with the program, Ebay Bucks, is basically a reward system that gives you a percentage of any item you purchase (2%, I think) in credit to be used for any Ebay purchase. So basically, I got the following cards for free by using my Ebay Bucks. 

2012-13 Timeless Treasures Glass Rookie Chandler Parsons 77/499

I'm not the biggest basketball fan in the world, but I do like to keep up with my Rockets collection from time to time, especially if I can find something cool and different. This Glass Rookie card of  Chandler Parsons definitely fits the bill, with a cutout for the signature on a "glass" (aka plastic) surface.

The cool thing here, though, is that they also cut the back of the card out, too, giving the "glass" a see-through effect. This is definitely a cool card of the rookie, and something I have never seen before.

2012-13 Timeless Treasures Timeless Signatures Sean Elliot /199

This card came from the same seller as the Parsons, and is a redemption for a Sean Elliot autographed card. I got it for a pretty good price, and I don't really mind putting in a bit of a wait for it. Worst case scenario, I end up waiting too long and get it replaced with a hockey card of somebody from the Pittsburgh Penguins, so it's a win/win.

2012-13 Upper Deck Canvas Sidney Crosby
I got this card simply because I love the canvas inserts. The texture of the card is pretty cool, and they always get a different (and usually, better) photograph for the card. I've pretty much bought all the Upper Deck packs I'm going to buy until next year's release, so the only way for me to get it was to buy it on the secondary market. The cool thing with this seller, though, was that he also included Crosby's base card and MVP insert from this year. I didn't have the MVP card until now, so I got two Crosby cards to add to my collection for the price of one. Awesome! 

Those Ebay bucks sure came in handy to get some great additions to my various collection. Now, it's time to accumulate some more!

Also, if anyone is interested in a hockey group break, I still have plenty of openings for mine, so please go check it out!

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  1. Love the eBay Bucks program. Congratulations on your finds... especially that canvas card.