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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Mario Lemieux Stick I Got For A Dominik Hasek Patch

OK, so here's a pretty sick card.

A few weeks back, I posted an awesome Dominik Hasek patch card that I pulled from 2012-13 SP Game Used Edition.  I like Hasek just fine and to pull that sick of a patch from a future Hockey Hall of Famer is pretty nice, but I figured I could do better. So, I did what I usually do in this case: I listed it on Ebay. Sure enough it sold for a pretty steep price, and I was able to  use that Paypal for something I wanted even more: a Mario Lemieux Supreme Sticks card from 2012-13 SP Game Used Edition, numbered 7/12.

I purchased this card for $1.01 more than the Hasek sold for, but when you figure shipping, Ebay fees and all that stuff, I probably had to add in 6 or 7 bucks of my own, but it's close enough for me to consider it an even trade.

It's got the same numbering as the Hasek, they both have a good amount of wear and tear on the memorabilia, but for me, I would MUCH rather have the Lemieux. I've always said, the best trades are the ones where both parties feel like they came out on top, and I definitely came out on top with this one.


  1. That is an amazing card!! I am extremely jealous!

  2. That is one sweet card! I would have to go with Lemieux over Hasek as well. They are both legendary in their own right, but Super Mario beats Hasek in my book(plus my younger brother is a Penguins fan).