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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Couple of Cubs from 2013 Topps

After busting my jumbo box of 2013 Topps, I had to make a few additional purchases. I got some really good cards, but apart from one Anthony Rizzo Chasing the Dream insert, my Cubs content was severely lacking, so I chose to rectify the matter.

The first card I purchased was one of the super-cool award winner manufactured relics of Andre Dawson. This particular card recognized his Silver Slugger Award from 1987. He actually won three of these during his time with the Expos, but luckily, Topps chose to feature his fourth and final Silver Slugger award, when he played for Chicago. The only other award winner card for the Cubs is of Fergie Jenkins, commemorating his 1971 Cy Young Award.

Surprisingly, Ryne Sandberg's presence in 2013 Topps is next to none, at least in Series 1. There are only two inserts of his so far, the first being  one of these fantastic looking Cut to the Chase die-cut cards. The back of the card mentions his "chase" of becoming only the second baseman with a 40 home run/100 RBI season, which he accomplished in 1990. His only other card is a rookie card commemorative patch found in Series 1 blaster boxes.

There are still a couple more to go. I need the Sandberg rookie patch, and of course, the Jenkins Cy Young card. There is also a Rizzo manu-patch, not to mention all of the autos and relics of current Cubbies. I still have some work to do, but it looks like it's going to be a fun year.


  1. I have a few Chubs colored parallels if you want me to add them to your ancient trade stack.

  2. Nice pick-ups! I swear, I had never heard of this Rizzo kid until Series 1. He's all over the place in that set!