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Group Break entries are now closed, the boxes have been ordered and secondary teams have been randomized. Follow THIS LINK for final team assignments.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Luxury Suite Group Break Update

Just wanted to keep everyone posted on the group break. It looks like the cards are going to be delivered on Monday. I was hoping to have it all done this weekend, but it looks like we'll all have to wait a few days longer. I will TRY do have it all up on Monday, but between work, spending time with the family, recording the break, uploading the video, and writing the post, I may or may not have it up Monday night. I will try my best to make it happen, though.

See you then!


  1. Thanks for the update....A little more suspense never hurt anyone.

  2. No worries here. That Lundqvist hit can sit in it's pack a bit longer.