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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Group Break Goodies from The Daily Dimwit

Any time that Sam at The Daily Dimwit hosts a group break, I jump at the chance to join in on the fun. Of course, I always pick the Cubs, and being a big Josh Hamilton fan, I snagged up the Rangers, too. He opened a box of 2009 Goudey, 2009 Topps Unique, and 2008 SPX. I also received two random teams: The Giants and The Diamondbacks.

I was able to snag two hits: a jersey card of Derrek Lee from Goudey and an autographed card of Eugenio Velez from SPX. Considering how many Lee relics there are out there, and how cheap they are now, I'm surprised I don't have more than I do. The Velez actually ended up being the only card, out of four teams, that I got from SPX.

Each pack of Unique features a serial numbered rookie (/2699) or red parallel (/1199). I got red cards of Dan Haren, Ryan Dempster, Carlos Zambrano, and Freddy Sanchez. My two serial numbered rookies were of Elvis Andrus and Derek Holland. Not bad at all.

I also got some decent SPs of the Cubs, most of which feature players no longer with the team. There were also a couple of cards from the 2,500-card 20th Anniversary set. I got Mario Lemieux (YAY!) and Madeline Albright (not-so-yay).

I also pulled a short printed Sport Royalty card of Nolan Ryan from Goudey. I like Nolan Ryan quite a bit, but I know that Sam is a much bigger fan than I. Since he wanted the card, I told him to keep it, and in return, add in the Penguins cards he has from the 20th Anniversary set that he once tried to collect. He did, along with EVERY hockey card that he had from that set. Wow.

This ended up being quite an awesome break. I'll do more of his for sure, but after being the beneficiary of a Yovani Gallardo bat knob auto 1/1 on his last break and seeing him pull a Prince Fielder auto from this one, I have learned my lesson.

PICK THE BREWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. If you ever want to trade out the Messier (holding the Cup) or the Roy (as an Av) cards, let me know.

    edit: I opened your hockey PC list and saw both of those guys in it, so nevermind, Matt :-0