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Sunday, July 29, 2012

If You Can Look Past Some Flaws, You Can Get a GREAT Deal

I just recently picked up a 2005-2006 Upper Deck Ice Sidney Crosby rookie year jersey card for just 15 BUCKS!!! How? All I had to do was look past some minor flaws, and the card was mine. Here's the card:

The cardboard next to the top right and bottom left of the swatchhas a slight crease to it. I would guess the die-cutting blade got a little dull and pushed on the cardboard a little too much, but from this far away, it's hard to see anything. Let's move closer.

Well, it's tough to see even that close up. Which make the deal even better. The creases ARE there, but with them being very minor, you can barely see them. That flaw, though, brought a $40 down all the way to $15.

I'll take it!


  1. Nice pickup. Those 'flaws' are meaningless.

  2. Nice pickup! I wouldn't have noticed them at all.