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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cleaning Out the Team Collections

With the new year here, I decided it would be best to make a few minor changes to my collection. For one, I had to make some changes to the specific teams I was collecting. Of course the Penguins have, and always will be, my top priority, and my top teams in baseball, football, and basketball remain the same. As far as other teams go, though, there will be a slight difference.

Originally, I began collecting hits of the Minnesota Wild and Winnipeg Jets, due to the fact that I was living in Fargo, ND, which is equally close to both of them. Last summer, we moved to Moorhead, MN, which is literally just like moving across town, only there's a state border in the middle of that town. However, since I am now a Minnesota resident, I figured I could leave the Jets out of it. Still, the move up to America's Great White North from Houston is a temporary one, and we will likely be moving back down to Texas at some point in the next couple of years. I know that once that happens, I will begin collecting Dallas Stars cards, so I figured if it's inevitable, why not start now?

So now, instead of one album with Jets/Wild Hits, I now have two separate albums for my Minnesota Wild Collection and Dallas Stars Collection, to go along with my Pittsburgh Penguins Collection.

In addition to that, I also had to do a bit of house cleaning on my already-existing team collections. If a player joins a team I collect, I'll add their cards from a previous team to the collection. However, once that player leaves the team, and the card no longer has any ties to the team, it's time to take it out. My Texans and Rockets collections remained the same, but I had to remove the following cards from my Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago Cubs collections.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Brenden Morrow - 2011-12 Titanium Game-Worn Gear Prime Jersey/Auto 17/25

Brenden Morrow - 2011-12 Titanium Game-Worn Gear Jersey

Chicago Cubs
Alfonso Soriano - 2003 Absolute Memorabilia Total Bases Base 12/117

Matt Garza - 2008 Upper Deck X Jersey

David DeJesus - 2011 Gypsy Queen Auto

David DeJesus - 2004 Bowman Sterling Jersey/Auto

David DeJesus - 2004 Bowman Sterling Refractor Jersey/Auto 125/199

That should be it for now. I'll be doing some adjusting to my player collections over the next couple of weeks, but until then, all these cards are now for trade, so if anyone is interested, just let me know.

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