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Saturday, May 13, 2017

30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 4

Day 4 - A rookie card of one of your favorite players

For me, the clear winner is this one: 

I wasn't raised a Cubs fan, but I became one at the age of 9 thanks to WGN and Harry Caray. I was too young to understand a lot of the intricacies of the game, but I did know thaqt this guy was the best on the team, and he became my favorite player. As a young card collector, I picked up whatever cards of his I could, but most of them were the recent releases. This one eluded me for a long time, mostly because of the price. It probably never got above$30, even during the peak of his career, but for a kid in elementary school, it was WAY out of my price range. It was my first "white whale," and there was a great sense of satisfaction when I finally purchased the card as an adult. 


  1. Excellent choice - Ryno and a few choice others were about all we Cubs fans had for a long time. His rookie card is iconic and also continues to elude me, as well. One day I'll track one down - as a Cubs collector, it feels like a distinct need!

  2. Great card... best N.L. 2nd Baseman in 1980s for sure.

  3. Great rookie card of a great player from a great set.